Rules and Regulation 2020 DRAFT

Rules and Regulation Draft Presentation: The drafted rules and regulations were presented by Dan DePodwin which have been compiled following review of similar communities in the area, consideration of concerns specific to the Gates community, insurance recommendations and requirements, and legal review for applicability. The Executive Board would like to adopt this document in January 2020 and welcome any and all feedback from the community. Please email [email protected] with any comments, questions, and concerns.

A few noted areas:

  • #6. Fire pits and open flame regulation does not include grills. This is an insurance requirement for the building coverage included in the policy.
  • #11 Trash receptacle regulations include the time frame for placing out (4:30PM day prior, containers removed by dusk the day of); this is to diminish the length of time trash/recycling is at the curb and susceptible to blowing through the community.
  • #13 Vehicles/ Parking include a length of time restriction on the open spaces through the community of a continuous 48-hours.

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